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November 4, 2016

Oh, ‘That’ film premiere -Kendal November 19th

After shooting what I can only describe as ‘my most challenging and emotionally tough expedition to date’ I’ll be premiering my new mountain bike film Porpoise Hunter at the UK’s Kendal Mountain Film Festival’s esteemed Bike Night on Saturday November 19th. For those that can’t make Kendal, don’t worry: no doubt it will be sweeping the BAFTA stage at some point in the near future, to be subsequently released to a wider audience online, and probably cover-mounted as a DVD on the radio Times. Oh hang on..


I’ll also be appearing in a Q&A session on the Basecamp Stage at Kendal Festival on Saturday 19th, at 10:00, quizzed about last month’s adventurous and pioneering mountain bike trip to ride Lebanon’s long distance mountain trail, a hop, skip and a jump from the Syrian border. Grab a frothy cappuccino to go and come along. To whet your middle eastern appetite, here’s a taster. (A more in-depth repost will follow -watch this space).




February 20, 2011

Retrospective no.1: Cant see the wood for the trees

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One of the best things about having had a dream job (thats ‘photographer’ to you by the way) for a while is that I get to slowly build on timeless personal photo projects, adding to them as and when I come across a scene that fits the bill. Sometimes they are scenes that you I looking for, grabbing a set of images to make a single study in a single trip, and others, well, they just happen, with opportunities presenting themselves in a kind of street photography manner.

One of my personal loves is trees, in all their forms. (Okay, get ready for the hippy stuff) I marvel at their beauty and never cease to be amazed at their stubborn reluctance to give up in the face of (usually human induced) adversity. Anyway, so to launch a set of retrospectives on my blog I’m starting with a set of images I’ve shot of trees -beautiful trees- in various places around the world. Without them we’d be nothing.

(hit the more tag below the first image for the whole gallery)

Luma apiculata, or the Chilean Myrtle. I came across the magnificent tree in the Nahuel Huapi National Park, Argentina. Leica M8, Zeiss 28/2.8


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