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November 11, 2014

Come to the Dark side – the Kinesis bikes Peak shoot

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I’ve been riding mountain bikes since 1985. My first story ran in MBUK in 1993 —a feature about riding in Majorca, complete with dodgy action selfies, taken by balancing my camera on a nearby rock, while I balanced a trackstand in between some boulders, again. Although happily published, it made me realise I needed to get better at taking photos (and do trips with other people). Mountain bikes are, and have always been a big part of my life. I don’t ride a road bike very often. But to me bikes are bikes. They are amazing things. They are tickets to adventure. They are mobility marvels. They are part of the only transport solution that sort out our cities properly.

On reflection - Scott Purchas and the T2. Nikon D3s, 24-70 2.8.

On reflection – Scott Purchas and the T2. Peak District. Nikon D3s, 24-70 2.8.

So when I get asked to shoot a road bike session, I have no problem with that, at all. Especially if it’s in one of the most beautiful, and one of my favourite, places of the UK —the Peak District National Park. Last month’s shoot for Kinesis UK was all about showing their latest T2 bike as the do-anything machine that today’s everyday rider needs: commuter / winter hack / mile-munching tourer / summer sportif. But mostly winter hack on this photo brief, which is where the Dark Peak in late October comes in.

Moody, brooding, up against the elements. Thats the Peak District I’ve always know, from childhood day trips to hike over Kinder Scout, to wet camping and mountain bike weekends riding hardtails with 35mm of elastomer suspension up front. And I’ve got to say, even after all the incredible places in the World I’ve shot, this one place in the middle of the UK is still right up there. I think it always will be, whatever bike I’m shooting.

Wet roads, dry stone walls.

Wet roads, dry stone walls.

December 20, 2012

P.O.M. Nov ‘012

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Photo Of the Month November 2012: Nic Kidd, Peak District, England.


Occasionally November isn’t the best month to go riding in the UK, especially if the ride you’ve got in mind goes over the top of the moors. But where there’s a will (and some Goretex clothing) there’s a way. Two decades ago, the Peak District was high on my list of riding destinations  -easy to access, great natural trails and an ‘out there’ feel (usually due to howling winds/fog/bottomless peatbogs or any comination of all three). It didn’t matter that we were riding hardtails with 2 inches of suspension travel in our forks. The soft spot I have for this place was kindled then, and has statyed with me. And now, when I’m in the Peaks, I just have to go for a ride, no matter what the weather.   Leica M9/Zeiss 50, 1.4.

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