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October 31, 2020

Photos For Change…

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Always take the photo; the moment will never happen again. Its a mantra I try to stick to, but there have been plenty of moments I never shot, for myriad reasons at the time, that I wish I had — the gang of pizza delivery kids on bikes in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the ‘petite’ woman driving the largest snowplough I ever saw in Mt Baker, WA, the… yes, there are more.

Its a similar thing when it comes to trails too. You ride or hike along them and think, “I’ll come back and shoot that spot tomorrow, next week, next year…”. And then you can’t because suddenly they’re gone.

This is the situation with this trail, pictured. It’s about to be lost to a quagmire of industrial-scale tree felling and political insanity unfolding on the flanks of Mont Blanc, Western Europe’s highest peak. The local councils of Chamonix, Les Houches, Servoz, Passy and St Gervais that circle the French side of Mont Blanc are finalising a plan to build a new logging road that will see this trail, and much of the beautiful mixed forest it passes though, lost to chainsaws and the labouring grind of 55-Tonne trucks.

The construction traffic for the road build and the logging trucks that will follow will spew diesel exhaust fumes into a fragile valley that already sees 30-50 critical air quality events per year. The meagre ‘impact assessment’ supplied with the project plan is a whitewash, failing to adequately address the environmental footprint of the project and failing to list many of the rare and endangered species that inhabit this forest — and all this is to happen despite a law passed on 1 Oct 2020 giving Mont Blanc new, elevated environmental protection, and as well as the Chamonix valley marketing itself as a ‘Natural Resort’ that prides itself on ‘pure nature experiences’.

I have to ask if this is irony or hypocrisy?

So look again at this photo. It may be the last one taken of this trail. Or it may be a catalyst for change; we may still be able to stop this road from being built.

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