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February 28, 2021

New Instagram Channel !

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@pixelatedpostcards is my new Travel, Adventure and Street Photography IG channel.

Don’t worry, my existing @danmilnerphoto channel still posts regularly but as it has found such a bike-adventure following I thought a new space was needed for all those photo insights into lesser seen or overlooked worlds that I encounter on my travels —from North Korea, Afghanistan and Alaska, to Kyrgyzstan, Iraq and even Wales. The world after all is a curious place.

So head over to IG and follow @pixelatedpostcards and I’ll endeavour to furnish you with snapshots of places beyond the fringes of tourism, behind the scenes moments from many of my expeditions, and the curious moments that are enacted on our streets.

See you there!

It’s moments like this that seem to make the travel photography all worth while. never mind that it was -5C outside and the only shelter —this old stone shepherds hut— was filled with choking smoke from the yak-dung cooking fire. Nikon D600, Zeiss 18/3.5 @ 1/30th, f6.3

September 14, 2020

Adventure Photography : The live Q+A – Sunday 20 September

Tune in & drop in next Sunday — I’ll be doing a live online talk and Q+A for Lumix about adventure photography on Sunday 20 Sept, at 14:00 BST (!5:00 CET) as part of the UK’s new virtual Photography Show.

So whether you want to know what adventure photography is, how it differs from travel photography, or want an idea of how to get into it or what gear cuts it out there, or just want to hear my anecdotes of shooting adventures in sketchy-sounding locations from Afghanistan to North Korea, then tune in and of course feel to fire over questions during the talk.

The link to join the (free) talk on Sunday is here (scroll down for the link to my talk – and feel free to join other Lumix ambassadors listed for theirs!).

March 5, 2019

Talks at The Photography Show

I’ll be doing slideshow talks on the how’s, why’s and where’s of adventure photography on the Panasonic Lumix stand at the UK’s Photography Show on March 17th and 18th. Come along, listen in and say hello.

Sunday 17th @ 14:15 “Adventures with the G9” – a round up of a year of adventure shoots, from enduring blizzards on the most southern trail in the world, to turning heads in North Korea, all shot with the Lumix G9.

Monday 18th @ 11:45 “Adventure photography made easy” – I’ll delve into my 20+ years experience as a pro photographer to give advice on getting the shot, surviving the unknowns and dodging some of the pitfalls of adventure photography. Oh and expect a few anecdotes to keep it lively.


4303 m altitude, Kyrgyzstan.

To the Ends of the Earth- testing the G9 on the most southern trail in the world  – click here for video.


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