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April 6, 2014

Putting the “Rad” back into … err, daily life.

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Yep, I know you’ve been waiting for this to happen. I’ve teamed up with the good people at to offer you the chance to easily keep your snow-obsessed habits topped up with a daily does of rad-ness, by way of incredibly beautiful snowboard photography that we photographers work ruddy hard and take enormous selfless risks to shoot.

I’ve rummaged in my somewhat bulging drawers  -swollen to bursting point with well-over 15 years of snowboard imagery shot in places such as Greenland, Alaska, Russia and Pakistan and capturing the snowy antics of riders like Travis Rice and Jeremy Jones-  to hand a big wad of my belters to offer as a daily FREE photo of the day. Just head over to their site and subscribe to get your daily photo fix, or do that social media thing (whatever that is) to connect with them @RadShotPics.

My images will start gracing their site at random intervals from today. And when you’re done gawping too long and realise that you have forgotten your loved one’s birthday/Xmas/anniversary you can order a photo or canvas print of any of the images you see, easy, at the click of a button apparently, delivered direct to your door for a very, very reasonable price.

Oh and there are some other photographers on the site too. So be warned….

Rice wishes he'd taken his kayak instead of his splitboard. Going over the rapids, AK style.

T-Rice wishes he’d taken his kayak instead of his splitboard. Going over the rapids, AK style.


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