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June 29, 2013

If it’s Friday it’s 100F out there: Shooting the new Trek Remedy 29-er

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Arizona has dodged my riding and shooting radar to date. At least it had until May this year, when I landed in Phoenix for a 4 day shoot for Trek bikes. The shoot, to capture the image needs of various assembled global mountain bike magazine editors, sounds like child’s play, but is in fact a tough call. Think: sunrise-to-sunset days, trying to juggle the artistic needs of both a company launching 2 new bikes and various magazine styles alike while attempting to stay hydrated in 100F desert heat, and you have an idea of what’s entailed. Something has to give. This time it was the hydration.

AMB cover designed and original shot, for your perusal. Nikon D3S, 70-200 f4, 2 speedlites & Pocketwizards, 1/1250 sync.

AMB cover designed and original shot, for your perusal. Nikon D3S, 70-200 f4, 2 speedlites & Pocketwizards, 1/1250 sync.

Great trails, great guiding and great catering back-up (thanks Skratch!) helped, but for myself and photographer Stirling Lorence the workload is heavy -joining breakfast after a sunrise shoot, then leapfrogging the group editors’ ride to try to capture the bulk of editor’s action needs before heading back out on a sunset shoot to nail the last of a specific cover shot hit list means packing in more hours than even the Arizona sunshine will allow in a day. But whatever.

So my first editorial from the job to land in print is this, the cover of Australia Mountain Bike mag, shot while on a planned 7pm sunset shoot. The shoot involved hiking/riding up a trail for an hour to capture the legendary Arizona golden hour of light. And whaddayaknow? As soon as the sun got low, the clouds moved in. My faved natural light approach had to be replaced by 2 speedlights, to add drama to a drifty corner, backlighting the rooster of dust and adding some sidelight to the subject. So the art guy at AMB has tweaked the light & contrast a little to suit their style, but my employees on this job, Trek, landed the cover. And none of us, me included are gonna complain about that. Now where’s my water….?


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