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November 24, 2012

The Mangina Chronicles: Riding India with Tracy Moseley

Well, as you’ll see from the last POM, India was on the agenda in October. For me this was a totally different experience from the normal DIY masochism that now seems to be the norm for my photographic excursions. This time I joined mountainbikekerala for their guided 12 day odyssey into the Indian Himalayas, something I was worried might be a tad tame. No need to worry there. In fact my biggest concern on the first day was how the hell I keep up with world champ Trek/Endura pro Tracy Moseley, James Richards and Phil and Lucy who run bikeverbier, out on a busman’s holiday.

The trip, although guided, included enough gnar’ to make you feel you earned every foot of descent (of which there was a lot), riding what seemed (although cliched) endless singletrack through steep, forested foothills into the high mountains up to 3800m at Zero Point. Technical, flowy, paved, steep, hike-a-bikes… the trail delivered everything, including monkeys swinging above our heads. Go there. Ride it.

And so while I was there to shoot on my trusty Leica M9, rather than film (we had an ace Indian rider/filmer/pinch-flat master, Vinay, with us for that purpose) I managed to squeeze in a a day of Go Pro’ing to make this little (tongue in cheek) glimpse at the upper end of the trail.  The story will appear in print in MBUK and Bike Germany in the spring. But until then.. enjoy this little taste of India.

Riding the Pindari Glacier Trail, India from danmilner on Vimeo.


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