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September 29, 2012

Shooting stars: Fisher.

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Leica M9, Leica 90/2.5

One of the highlights of my recent Trek bike shoot in Italy this year was being asked to go and shoot some current stock portraits of Gary Fisher. Actually it was a pain the arse.

The request from the Trek guy who was paying my mortgage that month came right on the last day I’d be there, after getting back from an overnight epic shoot with the assembled world bike mag editors. I was bushed. My camera gear was bushed, and I am sure Gary was bushed.

I’ve shot with Gary before. He’s an enigma.. and is someone who is largely misunderstood, or at least misinterpreted. Larger than life, he’s been played that way for years by his own (Gary Fisher bikes) brand and Trek who now make the Gary Fisher collection. However you perceive him, he’s a legend and is one of the names behind the whole MTB thing we love so much.

With a 90 minute window between showering (not to be missed) and dinner time (equally not to be missed) we headed out to the legendary Passo Giao in driving rain, hoping the weather would break long enough for me to grab the portraits of contemporary Gary. I imagined (hoped for) golden light bathing the epic mountain backdrop that I’d recon’d as a photo spot up at the pass a few days earlier. We arrived to mist and rain, Gary impeccably dressed in an electric blue suit and polkadot “King of the Mountains” tie. He told me he chose it for the shoot because he knew the fabric could withstand a soaking if it came to it. A pro indeed.

In the end we ran out of the car, with just long enough to grab the portraits needed. Gritty natural light works for me and for my Leica M9. And by the look of the Trek website’s Gary Fisher Collection homepage, works for Trek too. Did I say pain the arse. It was an honour.


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