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July 2, 2012

Kill Your Television. Milner lands EpicTV job and it’s not as tea-boy.

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I’ve got to apologise for the absence of posts of late. It’s been a busy time. Following up 3 weeks spent getting my ass thrashed around the trails of California and Colorado by the likes of Yeti, WTB, Easton and Rockshox employees (more about those sordid episodes later), I’ve also taken on the role as’s new MTB editor.

Milner and Cook. Comedy hour at its finest.

This latest commitment is less me sucking up to my megalomanic, egocentric tendencies and more a chance to apply my 25-plus years of MTB knowledge and involvement in a new adventure-film-on-demand online portal. This way, with 2 blogs to keep updated,  I get to spend more of my time in front of computers and even less time riding than before. Hmm. Guess I should have thought about that first. But fear not. Think of it as you getting two for the price of one, of gaining a daughter rather than losing a son.

So pop over to epicTV’s blog and catch my ramblings and our latest podcast in which we interview the guy behind the Line of Sight bike-messenger racing movie or subscribe online to epicTV’s ever expanding library of HD adventure movies, where bike, snow and depths dangerously adventuresome depths are waiting to be plummed from the safety and comfort of your own sofa. (I promise there are none of my inexcusably amateur offerings in their library). Or just go out and ride your bike/snowboard/kayak instead.


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