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December 8, 2011

The mangina chronicles 2: a short safety video about mixing boats and bikes in Scotland

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Righto, so an idea I had for a while was to use a boat to cruise Scotland’s 90-mile Caledonian Canal from East coast Inverness to West coast MTB-mecca Fort William and back. We’d use the boat as our base, hotel and transport putting ashore to access natural trails in the beautiful Scottish highlands. With what sounded like a jolly splendid family holiday in my mind, resplendently embellished with the dreamy visions of sipping G&T’s on the sun deck while watching the entertainingly impish behaviour of wild otters frolicking in the late summer sunset, I set about pitching the story to assorted mountain bike mags, and dug out my powerboat day skipper credentials….

Of course, as usual, I hadn’t counted on the reality of the assignment’s timing: a week in mid October only a few days after the first autumn snow had left the scottish hills coated, arriving in the middle of a gale. The only otters we’d see would be flailing in the chilly loch Ness waters, wearing sagging scarves and mittens.

And I hadn’t counted on the landlubbing crew I’d be lumbered with for a week. They couldn’t tie a sheepshank between them. Luckily they knew how to ride bikes well.

So reach for the rum m’ hearties, and watch a taster of the story that will pillage the pages of MBUK come spring.

Oh and the riding? Yep it was amazing. Scotland is like that.


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