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September 6, 2011

The other side of the lens: photographer in glory hunt shocker.

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It’s rare that I end up on the other side of the lens, and if you’ve seen me you’ll understand why I began a career as a photographer rather than a swimtrunk model, but every now and then it does happen. And thanks to the good people over at Bikemag,com you can share my glory by downloading a current wallpaper that features the veritable dan milner in action, astride his Yeti 575, railing a Nepalese alleyway.

Mind the yaks. Leica M8, Voigtlander 15/5.6. Photo: Angie Wardle.

The shot ran a while back in Bike mag (in printed form) as a double page spread in their gallery section. Taken by my long suffering and many time bike-model (and Bike mag cover star) Angie, the opportunity to poke my nose into the shot arose as we followed the Kali Gandaki river down through the Lower Mustang region, rummaging among the supersized hills (read: 4000-7000 metres) each side of the river for great singletrack trails. This village, Thini, the oldest in the region, is a little off the tourist route and its cobbled alleyways haven’t changed much in centuries. Kids scurried away before returning inquisitively as we passed through the village and came across this S-bend in the alleyway, prime for a shot. To get a little lean without scrubbing out on the polished flagstones, I had to to pitch the front wheel against a rock to the side of the cobbles, using it as a little berm, and first pass I nearly ploughed headfirst into a couple of yaks wandering up the path. My how we laughed.

Think of it as a mere sniff at the swimtrunks of a super model.

But in case you think it’s all fun and games travelling to exotic places and shooting photos… here’s another shot of the same dan milner, getting a good shoe’ing at the hands of a Nepalese river during a 3-day descent. He’ll be the one halfway through a roll back up, but about to be eaten by the hole that’s looming ahead then…


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