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March 7, 2011

Second chance no.1: Morocco

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Righto, many may know I am not averse to putting pen to paper while shooting many of my adventure trips, with my written outpourings

Playing cards in spokes are an optional but necessary extra. Contax G2, Zeiss 21/2.8, Fuji Velvia.

ending up in print in various publications around the world from Bike Mag to Transword Snowboarding to Mens Health magazine, according to subject appropriateness (hmm, is that a word? Certainly the spell-checker didn’t question it). But of course as has been pointed out to me, such mags are only about for a month or so each time, meaning if you missed the feature then you’re bang out of luck (at least I like to think it’s your loss rather than mine of course).

So I’m happy to announce a new collaboration between myself and the more than worthy adversary of all thinks biking, the online portal called, where each month you will now be able to revisit and relive (albeit vicariously) a different bike adventure that I have sweated through, suffered along and decorated with expletives around various corners of this fine world we live in.

To kick it off is a week long self supported romp through Morroco’s Atlas mountains, and you can read the feature here.

Don’t forget , a new one each month folks and I’ll do my best to plug it here.


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