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December 23, 2010

Does the UK really have wi-fi? Only on down days.

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Smell my leaves. Leica M8 / Voigtlander 15 5.6

Yes I know, there was a little radio silence on my part. Three weeks away in the techologically-advanced, wi-fi-zapped UK should have meant regular blog posts, and would of course if I was the kind of My-Face-Twit obsessed geek whose life was dictated by such dubiously time-consuming hobbies. But I’m not. Instead I got 3 weeks back in my parent-land shooting photos and presenting slideshows at the Kendal Mountain Festival and of course… riding bikes.


Since my in-depth nose around the UK’s bike spots last year and (resultant Bike mag cover) this green and pleasant land is now firmly on my annual riding radar; it really is that good, even in late November, helped in due by sure-grip trail centres like Whinlatter and Grizedale. Aficionados of Milner photos will of course be familiar with my penchance for autumn colours and light (I’m a photographer, so no surprise there) and the UK in November can be one of those places that oozes such qualities.

Adding a touch of the 'post apocalyptic' to the beautiful Lakes. Leica M8 / Voigtlander 15 5.6

Other stalkers of my work will also know my gravity towards trees and the magnetic draw they, or specifically their shapes and forms have on me as soon as one appears in my field of vision, usually leading to me pulling to a dead stop on even the most flowing descents as soon as there is a tree picture to be had, often leaving my fellow riders to hike back up the trail to check if I’ve come a cropper. The UK in November has these too. And yet others more in tune with my artistic palette will identify with a certain leaning towards a dark and moody (some even venture the term ‘post-apocalyptic’) feel given to much of my work. You guessed it, bike trails in England’s Lake District on a late autumn afternoon can even lend themselves handsomely to that as well. Artistic boxes ticked? You bet.

So in a nut shell, the reason there hasn’t been much new up here in the monkey blog is that there were trails to ride and photos of them to capture.

I hope these humble offerings make up for my online absence.


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