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December 8, 2010

Famous for 15… well you tell me.

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So during my 3 tour of duty back in the UK last month I managed to coincide my schedule with getting to see NoMeansNo, purveyors of some of the most wholesome Canadian punk, at the Camden Underworld (the kind of 200-is full-to-capacity kind of cider-tinged venue that luckily myself and bands like this have always preferred). It’s been a while -probably 15 years- since I last gathered bruises in the mosh pit before the wall of sound that is NMN live, and afterwards it dawned on me, that despite listening to this band’s exquisite repertoire of melodic outpourings for a quarter of a century or so (really? holy sh*t), I don’t even know the names of the people behind it all.

So it got me thinking.

All that time listening to, even being moved by,  such a technically adept artform and I didnt even know what the artists are called. I may have, once, but not now. I’ve never been a good one for remembering names (one of my many downsides), and I despise the all-too common ‘hero worship’ and loathe the conventional idolisation of “rock and pop” stars (oops, I guess I just messed up my invite to judge X Factor), but come on. 25 years on and you still havent a clue what they are called?

So where is this going?  Well, it got me pondering. I’m pretty visible when it comes to photography in the outdoorsy world, published regularly in a couple of dozen magazines and less regularly in a dozen more around the world, and have been for well over a decade (making me one of the ‘old guard’ I suppose). So I wonder, when snowboarders or mountain bikers see an iconic image out there, printed somewhere as a slice of aspirational escapism, when they paw over a page of beautiful imagery, do they ever look at the name on the photo credit?

(OK, I checked. NoMeansNo are: Bob Wright / John Wright / Andy Kerr & Tom Holliston.)


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  1. Good to see you made it out to the NMN gig. The new stuff takes some getting used to, but damn they still put on a helluva live show! “Are any of my friends here? I can’t see.”
    Oh yeah – I still check the photo credits.

    Comment by Garry Pendygrasse — December 8, 2010 @ 5:45 pm

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