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September 7, 2010

Deeper gets closer: Jeremy Jones to gig in Chamonix shocker!

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Righto, I wont pretend that it was a hard thing to nail requiring merely the promise of a sniff of a Fondue, but I’m pleased to announce that I’ve managed to get big mountain rider Jeremy Jones to include my adopted home town of Chamonix in the Deeper movie premiere tour this October. As the film’s main driving force, the Jones will be along on the night to present the quintessential masterpiece that has both been two years in the making and provided me with ample opportunity to freeze my ass off in tents on remote mountainsides while shooting for the project. After the film he’ll answer any nagging questions the audience have, such as whether splitboarding should be included in the next winter olympics, is facial hair is essential for splitboarders, is splitboarding fun, etc etc .

There’ll also be the chance to win a brand new Jones snowboard, with proceeds from the raffle draw going to Protect Our Winters climate change awareness charity.

So ready yourselves for a heftily big night out, and should you need an excuse to pass through Chamonix when it is at its most serenely beautiful (that’s autumn), then make a date for the Cinema Vox in Chamonix for October 17th 2010.


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