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June 14, 2010

Photo of the month: May ’10

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So here’s something new.. a photo shot in the last month, a pondering on life as a photo-chimp and a round up of my stuff you’ll find on the shelves at the moment. Yep, expect a new one each month.

Photo of the month: James Brickell eats West Highland Way midges for breakfast.

Wanting to find some real adventure on the British rider's doorstep (and avoid the "exotic" see post below: "Unleash the tirade"), we set out to ride the 90 mile West Highland Way, from Fort William to Glasgow. Here we're just dropping in on the Devils Staircase, with Glen Coe to the left. It's weather and terrain like this (this day had 1500 m/5000 ft of climbing) that make shooting epics like this a schizophrenic mix of hard work and pure joy: capturing the gritty feel and ominous weather while retaining shadow detail, keeping my Leica M8 dry and mud free, and taking moments to absorb what is perhaps one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Pondering of the month: Well, it occurred to me recently that most of the niche mags I work with pay the same rate for photos today as they did when I started working with them 14 years ago. I guess photographers aren’t subject to inflation.

On the shelves at the mo: MBUK 252 Tahoe Orgasmatron Trail feature, WMB 110 Tom Ritchey interview, Bike mag (USA) 4 pages of gallery, MBR July 10 Finale Ligure feature (even though its wrongly credited to their dep’ Ed Danny Milner)


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  1. Dan,

    The IPC magazine I started with as a cub reporter in (drum roll) 1981 pays less now for a photo shift than it did then. Sign 0 the Times (that’s not an “o” it’s a zero 😉 )

    Comment by geoff waugh — August 23, 2010 @ 10:50 pm

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