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March 28, 2010

The cost of Canada: stats on living the dream as a pro photographer.

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So if you’ve been following the latest Canada posts it might be (or it might not be) interesting to learn what really goes into trips like this: In twenty three days of shooting assignments…

I had 7 nights surfing a co-filmer’s couch, 5 nights in hotel beds, 5 on a thermorest mattress on a remote cabin floor, 2 on a thermorest mattress in a tent on the snow, 2 on aeroplanes and 1 in a trailer bunk.

I spent 46 hours in planes and airports, 26 hours in cars, 14 hours on buses, 9 hours on a splitboard in split mode, 4 hours on a snowmobile, 3 hours on ferries, 1 hour on a splitboartd in ride mode, 43 minutes on hotel waterslides and 16 minutes in a helicopter.

I travelled 17,000 Km by plane, 1800 Km in a shared car, 800 Km by bus, 138 Km by ferry, 110 Km by snowmobile and 40 Km by splitboard.

I spent $2200 on replacing camera gear, $1700 on flight tickets, $350 on hotel accomodation, $250 on excess baggage fees, $221 on helicopter fees, $140 on beer, $140 on camera gear rental, $138 on bus fares, $110 on petrol, $85 on taxi fares and $38 on Soy tea lattes.

I checked in a total of 52 Kg of luggage and carried 12 Kg of camera gear around the mountain and as carry on.

I shot 1732 images and filled 20 Gb of memory cards.

And I got the two best face shot powder turns I have had all winter. What value a photo eh?


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  1. Dan
    I’ve just discovered your website/blog, a very informative and enlightening read accompanying some super photos. The results of all the effort put in certainly makes the pursuit worthwhile. As long as the clients understand it’s beyond mere expenses that go to creating great images then we should be ok…after all, and as you rightly allude to in an earlier entry; a (misspelled!) credit isn’t exactly going to put food on the table…

    Comment by Hamish — April 2, 2010 @ 11:37 pm

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