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January 8, 2010

Slides for Life: the annual Year of Bike get together

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As my home valley becomes undeniably buried under several feet of snow for the foreseeable months, I’m forced to relinquish my now futile grip on the idea of charging epic singletrack trails on my bike. This time of year is a funny one, all riled up by months of intense trail riding, it’s hard to accept that this addiction will have to go cold (literally) turkey for a few months, and facing forwards will be replaced by a sideways stance. In the meantime, my postbox fills weekly with a mix of magazines whose pages are blessed by my creative lenswork, but it’s an odd mix too… snowboard and mountain bike magazines are evenly matched at this time of year, going tete a tete in an even match. 

So, to cap off what has been a pretty amazing mountain bike season, last night I pulled together what has become an annual event: the Milner’s Year of the Bike slideshow -a get together in Chamonix of any bikey types who like to *sit quietly/heckle from the back/spot themselves in the pictures (*delete as appropriate) while I project bigger-than-life size images of various trail-orienated exploits before them, and ramble profusely and often inanaely on the story behind the photo. This years show included our 4-day traverse of the GR221 in Mallorca, a 3 day lift-poaching exercise in Chamonix where we hid our bikes in bags and smuggled them up “no bike” policy lifts,  an epic roadtrip around Britain’s best riding spots, an exploration of some of Switzerlands smallest lifts to access the trails beneath them and finishing off with a charge around Nepal. Phew what a year. You’ll catch all these trips as they are published in What Mountain Bike or MBUK magazines.

With help from the Vert Hotel providing a great space and a little shout out via the Chamonix Insider we pulled in several hundred people (OK< so the offical police estimate is 70). It being the norm with any of the bike related activities I do, a whip-around for Hans Rey’s charity Wheels For Life was done, collectingthe gransd sum of 180.30 Euros to help provide bikes as a social aid to villages in developing countries. If you don’t already know abou this scheme, check out their site. Great work indeed.

So if you missed this show last night, then February will be the next opportunity to be titillated by the adventure-laden world around you, when I will be delivering another show, this time on the Deeper Alaska-camping/splitboard trip I did last winter with jeremy Jones and Travis Rice. 

And as this blog is really about photography and the life that exists around it, here’s a shot from last night’s show.

Getting from A to B with your bike in Nepal is easy, you just have to go via X. Leica M8, Voigtlander 15/4.5


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