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December 22, 2009

Deeper.. 9 out of 10 gnarl-monkeys prefer it.

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So the great thing about being away for a month in a place where internet access is tricky (like Nepal), is coming home to a stack of updates on the progress of features arising from shoots already done and dusted. Of course the fact that the publication of such features puts the editorial photographer one step closer to getting paid (what? you didn’t know we only get paid a couple of months after publication?) is by the by (we do it for the lifestyle you know). But complimenting the stack of mags in my post box sporting features from our Alaska Deeper trip back in March/April is the posting on Transworld’s website ranking Jeremy Jones‘ brainchild of a trip as THE No. 1 Transworld’s Top Five adventures and my words and pictures package feature from the trip as “the most epic adventure story and images of the year”.

Of course when I accepted Jeremy’s invitation and signed up for this trip, and was sent the suggested kit list that included “Personal Locator Beacon” (no, I didnt know where to find one of them) I knew we were on for an epic that would tickle editors’ fancies worldwide. All I had to do was make sure I captured the real essence of camping on a glacier for two weeks while hiking lines between crevasses and trying to keep camera batteries alive in minus 15 temperatures and learn to love wet-wipe baths… Easy stuff.

Right now the count is still on, for what is the biggest selling story I have ever done. Transworld Snowboarding (the biggest snowboard publication in the US) gave it a whopping 14 pages. White Lines in the UK ran 12, MBM in Germany gave it a healthy 9. Snowsurf (France) 9, FriFlyt (Norway) 6 pages and Australia and NZ Snowboarder 6 pages. When I hit 100 pages I might be able to afford to get the frostbite treated.

Jeremy Jones halfway through Transworld's no.1 adventure. Canon EOS 1D M2N, 70-200 2.8L.


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