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November 2, 2009

The Reason.

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Like a phoenix rising from the ashes… well that’s a little how it seems to me. Readers of this spirited blog and many UK snowboarders alike will no doubt be aware of the demise of Snowboard UK magazine earlier this year, something that as long-standing senior photographer of said publication came as a small blow. The bitter taste left by a publisher suddenly pulling the plug (and leaving photographer’s invoices unpaid) is of course one that takes several pints of good ale to dissipate, but somehow, inside I knew something would come along before too long, something that would make for a positive way forward.

And it comes in the form of The Reason magazine: a definite fresh direction for the UK snowboard magazine. And the first issue gets the Milner treatment on the cover, with the sort of shot many mags would struggle to find a home for.

Spearheaded by the unblinkered visions of Ian Sansom, the guy who brings you tight-jeans wearing london-types Fixed (a rather natty print mag for fixie bike riders), The Reason will be ditributed free in snow-orientated outlets. Free of course is nice, but not as nice as the fact it will be printed on FSC-certified sustainable forest paper stock using vegetable-based (ie, non toxic) inks.

After bumping into Ian at the recent Eurobike expo in Germany, he asked me if I’d contribute to next winter’s new Reason mag. Certainly old chap, I said simply for the above eco-minded reasons alone. I’ve known Ian for many years, he being the first editor I worked with at SUK many years ago, a time when baseless bindings and enormously-cuffed mitts were the rage. I like his direction and style and I can only assume he likes mine: I make this assumption as I’ve landed the cover shot on the inaugural issue: The reason, issue 1. Why wait until next winter to start working again together. So, of course I’m chuffed to be a small contributing part of a new project, one that is looking outside the usual “sell it” priorities of many publishers.

From the ashes…


reasons to be cheerful, part one



  1. Great shot Dan – looking forward to picking up a copy of this.

    Let’s hope it can survive where SUK died…

    Comment by — November 3, 2009 @ 2:36 pm

    • I dont think it needs debating.. a mag with this kind of look and feel needs to survive. This is exactly the kind of stuff we need out there.. a new style, an ability to run shots that are a little more on the arty side while still capturing the feel of riding. I guess it will be up to the British public and industry, if they are willing to look outside the box for a change and support this direction. While it is no direct comparison, the Snowboard Journal in the USA survived for years as a more coffee table edition, targeted at the sort of readership that browses Surfers Journal, ie those that appreciate bigger, cleaner, atmospheric shots and wholesome reading. It did well until a bigger publisher bought it, then closed it down within a year for not making the profit their shareholders demanded. If I know Ian, that’ll be the last thing he does with it. Instead expect a solid mag with some serious commitment behind it.

      Comment by danmilner — November 4, 2009 @ 7:47 pm

  2. Great shot. I can imagine a cute snowboarder hopping about like a white winter bunny.

    Comment by le velo — November 3, 2009 @ 6:08 pm

    • Indeed the bunny was British rider Adam Gendle, a lively and somewhat furry subspecies of the genus Humanus snowboardus. Somehow shots like this convey all the feeling without putting someone else’s big body in the way of shutting your eyes and dreaming about what it was like last time you laid tracks like that.

      Comment by danmilner — November 4, 2009 @ 7:40 pm

  3. This mag will survive as long as it stays true to it’s roots – which as long as Ian is involved will do so. I loved it – as an advertiser, as a snowboarder and as an ‘old guy’ – great job Dan for the front cover and great job Ian for everything else. As Ian knows we will be supporting him fully this coming season for all the reasons that Dan has pointed out.
    Interestingly I bumped into this little message on Tim Barnetts website ( – Tim started Fall Line (many many years ago) and I then joined him in the vision of producing coffee top mag’s – but then, for lots of reasons, it all did not work. Hopefully Ian will not meet the same pitfalls that we did.
    Keep up the good work – there is a Reason for it all.
    Cheers. Gordon

    Comment by Gordon Way — March 3, 2010 @ 4:49 pm

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