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October 11, 2009

Deeper is surfacing

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I met up with Jeremy Jones this week for some belly-crunching Mexican scoff in Tahoe, USA. In between making encouraging noises about the launch of his new independent, freeride-orientated snowboard company Jones Snowboards (available for wingter 2011) we mused over the imminent tsunami of magazine column inches that’s heading your way on the Deeper Alaska camping-and-splitboarding adventure we shot in April this year (see earlier blog: Going Deep in Alaska). It made me consider the project that I was involved in and the fact that on my return, somewhat shell-shocked by the experience, my initial blog post on the trip might have seemed to undersell the whole experience. Or at least look a little thin on the photo-side (and we all love my holiday snaps don’t we).

Grab a copy of Transworld, White Lines, MBM, FryFlyt or one of several other publications around the world this December and you’ll see what I mean. The Deeper trip was probably the most adventurous and original undertaking in Alaskan snowboarding, period. And with it came all sorts of challenges to overcome: -15 C nights, in a tent, gaping crevasses to hike around and ten-day blizzards; Nothing out of the ordinary for hardy mountaineers of course, but an entry ticket to a whole big-boy ball game for humble snowboarders (and photographers).

For me personally it was not only the most challenging snowboard trip I have ever undertaken but also the most, err… ‘productive’ in terms of post-trip image sales. To date the story has gone to seven magazines and images sold to O’Neill, Venture Snowboards, Scott Goggles and DC shoes. Not a bad turnaround you might think, but an essential one considering that the trip cost me approximately $4000 and a month of my time (but you know it ain’t about the money!). Anyway I digress. I just thought it was time to throw a few more ticklers into the mix here, to give you a taste of the menu offered by camping out in Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park and hiking for lines and a sneak at what you’ll see in on the news-shelves.

And if you cant wait for the release of Deeper film next year, here’s TGR’s Deeper teaser:

Another snapshot of life on the wild side: the Deeper Alaska trip.

Another snapshot of life on the wild side: the Deeper Alaska trip.


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