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October 4, 2009

the new website

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OK it’s been long overdue (for anyone familiar with my old, rather outdated site) but finally my new website is up and online. Same address as its been for the last six or so years…… but the new site is simplified and is a way better representation of the images and subject matter I am shooting nowadays, with separate galleries for bike, snow, travel and portraiture as well as one for a snapshot for the kind of clients I work for and how they like to make the most of my pretty pictures.

So why so long in the making? Well, it turns out, in retrospect that  I’d rather be out shooting pictures than working on updating a website. The digital shooting age already means us photo-monkeys spend too much time in front of our fancy Apple displays, burning the midnight oil while the likes of Napalm Death or the Subhumans blast out from the tiny speakers that decorate any self-respecting art-tuned professional’s desk nowadays. And that is why the new site has been so long in the making. But here it is, launched and on line with the help of web-builder Ste Daley at and pretty happy with it I am too.

Of course, deciding on which images to show in a totally new website is not an easy one, especially when you have several thousand images, shot over a dozen years to choose from. There are images that stand out and shout “include me” straight away, then there are the ones whose subtleties appeal to the artistic side in me, and finally others that I wanted to include for mere personal reasons: the experience of taking the shot, the personal story behind the image, and so on. It’s a tricky cut to make when you have to whittle it down to maybe 40 images in each gallery. And so the later are the shots that I probably ended up removing in the end. After all photographers are probably their own worst editors; each shot I decide to include in the site had to represent my photography in some way, rather than just have emotional strings attached (of course many have both), to tell a story that is accessible to the audience that is going to log on to the site. Okay, I have left a few quirky ones in there, many from my ‘Out of Context: 17 images in 17 years’ exhibition that ran in Chamonix a couple of years ago, just to offer a taste of my feel for travel images.

So make yourself a cuppa and enjoy, and let me know how it looks to you. 


the new home page, helped visually by a portrait of a Pakistani soldier photograohed at 4200 M on the Deosia plateau

the new home page, helped visually by a portrait of a Pakistani soldier photograohed at 4200 M on the Deosia plateau


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