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September 9, 2009

Probably the best bike (cover) in the World?

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Now, triathlon doesn’t often enter my world of mountain photography, in fact, to be honest it hasn’t at all… up until now. In the second blog posting in a single week that represents a swing in direction from my normal mountain bike and snow orientated work schedule, I just learned I landed the cover on the UK’s Cycling Plus magazine’s Tour de France supplement, with a carefully crafted shot of Scott bikes‘ new Tri bike: the Plasma TT.

OK, so one tri-bike doesn’t represent an immersion in the world of Triathlon, or Time Trial road cycling for that matter, but when I was commissioned recently to cover Scott’s 2010 product launch for the stable of titles that nestles at Future Publishing, my two day’s shooting included everything from Timo Pritzel dropping north shore trails for MBUK mag to capturing the beauty of the new Plasma TT bike in all its carbon-sculpted glory for Cycling Plus. With the trail shoots out the way for the MTB titles, it was time to see how I could capture the essence of the new TT bike: potentially a problem on a Swiss industrial estate in the pouring rain. With outside the building now out of bounds, instead I decided to shoot the uber-bike deep inside the company’s warehouse, using a two-head Lumedyne portable studio flash set up to pick out the bike’s intense lines and almost-organic form.

Scouting the impromptu studio I had to work with, my original intention was not to hide the rows of cardboard boxes and other warehouse debris but use them in the shot and spotlight the bike so that it had the feel of being just discovered, as if I’d been rummaging and pulled it from the back of the warehouse where Scott were trying to hide it, like something not quite ready for release to the unsuspecting public. At least that was my idea. The shots went down a storm, but  in the end it was the subsequent line-art style detail shot that made the cover. My, it almost has me reaching for my skinsuit.

Scott's Plasma TT: more curves on the cover than you'll find on Playboy.

Scott's Plasma TT: more curves on the cover than you'll find on Playboy.


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