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March 26, 2009

Ten years as Senior Photographer with Snowboard UK magazine

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The latest issue of Snowboard UK magazine carries a main feature on my past decade as the title’s Senior Photographer. While the feature (and cover) appeal to my egotistical and megalomaniacal sides alike, the feature is really intended to be an insight into the role as a snowboard photographer and provide a taste of some of the changes in snowboarding and snowboard photography that have occurred during my reign of terror (terror? hey, ask any of the magazine’s editors I have worked with). To give it a slightly different spin, the feature came about by way of asking for questions to be posted through the various on-line forums that exist around the periphery of British snowboarding that were then forwarded to me to answer in the mag, using appropriate images to illustrate my answers. Thanks to everyone who got involved, to those that have supported me and become fans of my work (you know who you are, both of you) for the last decade and especially to all the editors that have endured me at Snowboard UK since I first got involved way back in 1994.


Mike Basich: keeping me in covers since 1999.

Mike Basich: keeping me in covers since 1999.


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